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Training Programs

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A customized training program developed to tailer for you and your dog needs, which focuses on specific behaviors and issues. We educate on how to engage properly and motivate your dog's overall obedience.




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At Paws Unleashed Academy you are allowing your dog to be safely cared for by one of our professional staff members in their home, as well as a park in Hampton. Our packages are tailored to fit your dogs needs as well as yours. These packages are designed for serious owners who want complete on and off leash control anywhere you go, whether its at home, a friend’s house, the park or in a high-distraction environment like a store. These courses are great for dogs with aggression, separation or destructive behaviors.  Let’s not forget our timid dogs and service dogs. Young and old, we do it all, let Paws Unleashed Academy take care of your pets needs.


Vaccinations MUST be current (Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella).

A Rabies Certificate SIGNED BY YOUR VET listing the manufacturer & serial number of the vaccine.

Puppies must be at least 16 weeks of age AND completely finished with all boosters for all vaccines in order to board.

$250 Deposit per dog required for reservation. Full payment due upon drop off.



Our private lessons are tailored for pups that have aggressive behaviors like pulling on their leash, barking at other dogs or people, jumping on guests, or if you just need some extra tweaking in the obedience area. Our hands on, one-on-one training focuses on the specific needs of you and your dog. We want you to be happy and comfortable taking your friend out and not have to worry about avoiding people and other dogs while enjoying walks.