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Ideal for dogs lacking prior training or foundational behaviors, this 3-week package focuses on building fundamental obedience skills and manners. It suits beginners, providing a strong foundation for further training.

Package includes:

  • On-leash obedience training, covering essential commands:

    • Walking calmly on a leash

    • Sit

    • Down

    • Stay

    • Wait at doors

    • Wait while on walks

    • Go to "place"

  • Manners around people:

    • Off-commands to discourage jumping

    • Polite behavior when meeting friends and family

Outcomes: At the end of the 3-week program, you and your dog will have established a solid foundation of basic obedience. We'll conduct a thorough 'go home' session, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to maintain these behaviors and ensure your pup's obedience remains top-notch.


Our 5-week package incorporates all the fundamentals of the 3-week program and extends the training to encompass a more advanced skill set, including off-leash obedience and heightened social adaptability. The program includes an e-collar to reinforce training and facilitate a reliable off-leash experience.

Package includes:

  • All basic obedience covered in the 3-week package

  • E-collar provided by Paws Unleashed

  • Introduction to off-leash training and control

  • Training field trips to public places like Home Depot or local hiking trails

  • Advanced 'place' cot training

  • Rigorous proofing period for solidifying off-leash obedience

Outcomes: Upon completing the 5-week program, you and your dog will possess the tools for controlled on-leash obedience and a foundation for reliable off-leash control. Our 'go home' session, along with multiple private follow-up sessions, empowers you to reinforce and master your dog's training effectively.

5-Week Package - $5499
3-Week Package - $3499

Unleash Your Dog's Potential with Our Customized Board & Train Program!

Consistency is key for dogs to learn new habits and behaviors. Our dog boot camp, designed for dogs aged 5 months and up, provides the structure and continuous training needed for success.

🐾 Personalized Training for Results 🐾

At our dog training camp, we understand that every dog is unique. That's why we tailor our program to each dog's specific needs. Whether it's mastering beginner foundation commands like sit, down, stay, heel, place, and recall, addressing behavioral challenges like fear and aggression, or honing off-leash skills, our program covers it all.

✨ Why Choose Our Doggy Boot Camp? ✨

What sets our program apart is the diversity of training environments. We believe that for a dog to be truly well-rounded, they need exposure to a variety of situations. That's why our program includes training in private and group settings, as well as off-location training in realistic environments. Our goal is to transform your dog into a confident, obedient companion capable of demonstrating their training anywhere and with anyone.

🌟 The Impressive Outcomes Await! 🌟

After completing our intensive board & train program, your dog will not only adapt and socialize better but also exhibit improved behavior and obedience. Our commitment doesn't end there – before your dog goes home, you'll receive a private training session to ensure you have the tools and techniques necessary to continue their success.

 Don't miss this golden opportunity to unlock your dog's full potential! Enroll now for a well-trained, confident, and obedient companion that will thrive in any environment. 

At Paws Unleashed, we offer exclusive board and train programs meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of your furry companion. Our board and train programs range from 3 to 5 weeks, designed to ensure a harmonious relationship between you and your dog. We welcome all breeds, tailoring our training to suit the personality and development stage of each individual canine.

We keep our program exclusive by limiting the number of dogs per trainer, ensuring each dog receives the necessary time and attention for effective training. This intentional approach allows for personalized, high-quality training tailored to each dog's unique needs and behaviors. By focusing on quality over quantity, we aim to provide dedicated training sessions, individualized guidance, and appropriate socialization, prioritizing the well-being and progress of each dog. This commitment leads to happier, well-adjusted dogs and satisfied pet owners, creating a positive training environment for all.

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