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Although our services are generally tailored to each client’s specific pet needs, there are some questions that often come up again and again. Read on and find out if there’s already an answer for yours. If there is anything you’re still wondering about or unsure of, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Should I provide my pet's food from home?
    To keep all of the pets visiting us as healthy and comfortable as possible, we maintain a strict owner-provided food policy. Please bring your pet’s food in a hard plastic resealable container, and our staff will feed it per your instructions. We do not accept a raw food diet due to storage concerns.
  • If my pet is on medication, will Paws Unleashed Academy accommodate?"
    We will apply and administer any topical or oral medications with a doctors note. All medications need to be in a bag as well as labeled with dose and the pets name.
  • Are reservations required? Will I have to pay a cancellation fee?
    Reservations are required to ensure a training slot. As life happens, sometimes you have to cancel plans. A cancellation fee will not be applied.
  • My pet does not get along with other pets, can he/she still come to Paws Unleashed Academy?"
    Absolutely. One of our training techniques is building social skills with other people and animals. We want you to feel confident in your pet around other animals. We also have private lessons if you feel more comfortable with one on one training.
  • Do you train all breeds? Do you train small dogs too?
    Paws Unleashed Academy can train any breed of dog, large or small.
  • When can I start training my puppy? Why do they have to be fully vaccinated first?
    Paws Unleashed Academy starts training as young as 12 weeks of age. All dogs must be vaccinated before training due to exposure to other animals. We want to make sure your pup continues to stay healthy.
  • What is behavior modification training?
    We believe in altering negative patterns by redirecting bad behaviors. We use positive reinforcements by engaging your dog in various activities in all types of environments. Repetition is key when changing negative into positive.
  • When do I pay for my pet's stay at Paws Unleashed Academy?
    Boarding fees will be paid at the time of check-in.
  • Can you administer my pet's medication(s) while he/she boards at your facility?
    Yes. We can administer oral and topical medications at no extra cost. Unfortunately, we cannot offer care for pets in need of subcutaneous injections.



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