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Do you find yourself challenged by a disobedient or troubled canine companion? If your dog is grappling with issues such as aggression towards other dogs, leash reactivity/aggression, separation anxiety, or fearfulness, our specially crafted 'Paws Transformation Program' could be the solution you've been seeking. This 25-day intensive course is meticulously tailored to rehabilitate dogs facing these behavioral challenges.


Many behavior problems in dogs stem from a lack of confidence and uncertainty about how to react in different situations. Our primary aim is to provide you and your loyal canine with the necessary tools to shift their focus away from anxiety-inducing triggers and redirect it towards building a stronger bond with you. At Paws Unleashed, our dedicated team is passionately committed to helping you and your dog embark on a journey towards a more obedient, joyful, and fulfilling life together. Let's guide your furry friend to become the obedient and content companion you've always envisioned.


 Here's what your dog will learn:

  1. Sit

  2. Down

  3. Stay

  4. Heel (walk calmly next to you on a loose leash, both on and off-leash)

  5. Come Command (a crucial exercise for all dogs)

  6. Bed Command (go to a designated bed, lie down, and stay – useful during meal times and when guests are over)

  7. Proper etiquette for greeting people

  8. Waiting at doors and entering doorways respectfully

  9. Crate training (being comfortable in a crate)

  10. Loading into vehicles

  11. Walking/jogging alongside a bicycle

  12. Maintaining focus amidst distractions (teaching focus as a skill)

Additionally, we emphasize confidence building, a pivotal aspect of this course. A significant percentage of the dogs we train lack confidence in various aspects, hindering their ability to focus, follow simple commands, and enjoy activities with us.

Our training retreat also encompasses:

  • Daily Socialization

  • Agility course training (an exceptional confidence booster)

  • Lifetime access to comprehensive training videos showcasing all the skills we've imparted to your dog

  • Graduation Transition Lesson, demonstrating our methods and how to sustain the progress (approximately 1.5 hours)

  • Lifetime phone and email support from our team, one of Tampa's oldest full-time dog training companies

  • E-collar, slip leash, and elevated training bed

  • Exclusive access to our Boarding options, ensuring consistent training and care for your dog

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Dog pulling on leash

Behavior Modification 

Enrollment - $4499

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