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Why Early Puppy Training Matters


The first months of your puppy's life are a whirlwind of adorable chaos and exciting potential. It's also a critical window for shaping their future behavior and confidence. That's why our early puppy training program embraces these formative weeks, laying the foundation for a happy, well-rounded adult dog.

Why choose our early puppy training?

  • Positive Reinforcement: We say "yes" to good behavior! Food-based motivation and gentle guidance foster learning through joy, building a strong bond between you and your pup.

  • Focused & Eager to Please: We cultivate your puppy's natural curiosity and turn learning into a fun game,maximizing their attention and desire to please.

  • Essential Skills: Master the basics like sit, down, come, and focus, forming the building blocks for good listening habits and clear communication.

  • Crate & Potty Training: Tackle house training head-on and create a cozy crate haven where your puppy feels safe and relaxed.

  • Addressing Unwanted Behaviors: Jumping, biting, chewing, barking - we address these typical puppy behaviors effectively so they don't become lasting habits.

  • Socialization & Stimulation: Diverse experiences and playful interactions with other pups foster confidence,  adaptability, and social skills.

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More than just commands, we build a foundation for a happy life together. By enrolling your puppy in our early training program, you're investing in their future well-being, equipping them with the skills and confidence to navigate the world with ease. Imagine a dog who greets you with a wagging tail, listens attentively, and thrives in various environments. That's the promise of our early puppy training, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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Paws Unleashed Academy, Catering to the Surrounding Areas of Bradenton FL, Tampa FL, and St Petersburg FL, Offers Comprehensive Puppy Training Services. We Specialize in a Broad Range of Courses, from Basic Puppy Classes to Advanced Dog and Puppy Training. Emphasizing the Importance of Early Puppy Training, Our Programs Focus on Developing Essential Skills and Social Behaviors Right from the Start. Our Academy is Not Just About Basic Training; We Also Provide Specialized Service Puppy Training for Those Looking to Prepare Their Pets for Service Roles. Conveniently Located for Residents in the Surrounding Areas, Our Puppy Classes are Ideal for Owners Seeking Quality Training Close to Home. At Paws Unleashed Academy, We Take Pride in Offering Professional Puppy Training, Ensuring Each Pet Receives Individual Attention and the Highest Level of Care. Enroll Your Puppy in Our Classes Today and Experience the Best in Puppy School and Training Services in Your Community.

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Anticipated Outcomes of Our Puppy Training Program

  • Excursions – Our boot camp puppies embark on field trips to familiarize them with common elements of daily life. This includes encounters with other dogs, various sounds, people, children, different surfaces, and more. Using their food drive and training, we work on bolstering their confidence in novel situations.


  • Confidence Development – Daily, we engage in confidence-boosting exercises using our obstacle course. You will receive visual updates, capturing your puppy navigating the course. The obstacle course introduces puppies to diverse surfaces, A-frame style obstacles, bridges, teeter-totters, agility tunnels, and similar challenges.

  • Physical and Mental Stimulation – Each day, we ensure your puppy receives a balance of physical and mental exercises. This dual approach is vital for the overall well-being of both puppies and adult dogs, promoting happiness through a well-exercised body and mind.


  • Etiquette Training – We initiate etiquette training for puppies, emphasizing proper behavior when meeting both people and other dogs. Instilling good manners is a fundamental aspect of our training.

Puppy course - $2400

During training, we will address the following:

  • Teaching "sit" and "down" using food

  • Introducing the "come" command using food

  • Familiarizing them with their name

  • Engaging in crate games and promoting calmness in the crate

  • Initiating potty training

  • Addressing and curbing unwanted puppy behaviors

  • Enhancing focus and engagement

  • Facilitating proper socialization

  • Confidence Building

  • Loading into vehicles

  • How to focus around any distraction. A common misconception is that once a dog has learned a new trick, they should know how to do it anywhere… unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. We teach focus as a skill.

  • Confidence; One of the main focal points of this course is confidence building. A large percent of the dogs we train are lacking confidence in many areas. This makes it difficult for dogs to focus, obey simple commands, and even enjoy activities with us.

During this life stage, it's crucial to expose puppies to various experiences to shape a well-rounded adult dog. All our puppy training employs positive reinforcement and food-based motivation. We utilize motivational strategies to cultivate a highly focused and eager puppy eager to please. Puppies will develop fundamental skills like sitting, lying down, responding to calls, maintaining focus, engaging in crate games, and participating in stimulating activities that keep their minds active. Our training also addresses typical puppy behaviors, including house and crate training, and addresses issues like jumping on people, biting, chewing, barking, and other behaviors that are most effectively addressed during this life stage.

Paws Unleashed Academy
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