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Providing a Natural Approach For Your Pet's Health...

Welcome to Paws Unleashed, Charlotte's premier dog and cat supply store.

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Here at Paws Unleashed, we take a natural approach to your pet's health. Our belief is that starting with a foundation of good nutrition, we can avoid many common health issues and allergy-related illnesses. Dogs and cats are carnivores, therefore the food we carry does not contain any corn, wheat, soy, or by-products - "filler" ingredients that can cause an array of problems, and are simply not digestible by our four-legged family members. We continue this idea through treats, offering you "filler-free" and grain free options that you will not find at your local box store.

Our belief at Paws Unleashed is to reflect on the definition of holistic - seeing the body as a "whole," and addressing each aspect of your animal's health. Nutrition is our foundation, but separate supplements, such as natural multivitamin sources, probiotics, and glucosamine are important as well. Keeping your pet well groomed is also important, since the quality of the skin and coat can give us warning signs or indicate other issues with your pet's health. Therefore, we offer self-service dog bath, available anytime without an appointment to wash your pet at your leisure, and a full-service grooming salon, where our groomer offers an array of services.

We also offer a large selection of soft toys, tuff toys, and interactive games to stimulate, improving your pet's happiness and mental health. Many of our toys, and quite a few of our beds are eco-friendly and/or recycled, because the environment we live in is just as important to our families' and pets' "whole" health!

We look forward to your visit, assisting and educating you on how to keep your dog or cat healthy and happy!